First Aid

First Aid Awards

Mull Paddlesports are an accredited centre for delivering ITC First regulated awards and qualifications.

For recreation, competition, leading, instructing and coaching, there is a first aid course for you. They can also satisfy the requirements of the Health and Safety, Scottish Forestry and many National Governing Bodies (SCA, BMA, etc.)

First Aid Courses

Outdoor First Aid

 A two day course for people regularly working in, or enjoying, the rural environment. Covers common illness and major injuries found in outdoor activities. Also considers support for, and the evacuation of, casualties where emergency services may take a few hours to attend.

Outdoor First Aid, Emergency Action is a one day course satisfying the minimum requirements of National Governing Bodies for outdoor activities.

First Aid at Work

A three day course covering all the HSE requirements for first aid in the workplace. 

Emergency First Aid at Work, a one day course satisfying the minimum requirements of the HSE.

A 2 day revalidation and 1 day refresher courses are available.

An add on module for Forestry Work is available.

First Aid for Sport

A two day course for participants, trainers, coaches and parents. Covering common sport injury, illness and return to play decision.

First Aid for Sport, Fitness and Leisure is a one day course covering the minimum requirements for sport first aid.